Persenk Ultra Postproduction

June 4, 2013 | Posted By: | Film/Movies |
  • Postproduction: 

Overall time which we spent for editing, designing, animating and refining of the final products, is around 5-6 weeks. This includes 4 promo videos; Nature, Culture, Runners, and the Official Promo video of Persenk Ultra. More than 5 spots for Natioanal Geographic and  5 episodes from our interviews with Rusko Kadiev & Hairi Mustafov. Adding to that an invitation spot clip with the Olympic Gold medalist Екaterina Dafovska.

We have created  3D animations, motion graphicс,  maps and graphs, Opener and CLoser as well.#











Promo Video CCyoutube.mp4_000147239

Promo Video CCyoutube.mp4_000163119

Promo Video CCyoutube.mp4_000216119


Promo Video CCyoutube.mp4_000073639


Promo Video CCyoutube.mp4_000007999