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The secret on  how to sell yourself  expensive!

I want it ! I want it, but I do not need it ?

How many times have you happened to get into someone’s website and want to see a video / movie for – the company’s history , the man who runs the business,  their products or services, to see how they can enrich your life , how they are the exact people who you need to solve your problems .

However, you really do not have any problems , yes of course  you  think you have  huge ones, you have learned to create them and to seek permanent solutions.

Here ‘s the secret – video advertising , this is the most powerful and influential tool invented by man to inspire , convince and motivate people to make decisions and act , but mostly to DESIRE.

That is precisely the  illusion, which  is best achieved with a video-film ad , a story which is to convince people to want it,  to want to desire .

Want to change, to have, to become , to grow, to become rich, richer, richest , to get beautify , to become God .

But the truth is that no one needs anything, while you’re obliged to sell the illusion that you’re the one thing that was missing in their self-satisfied life and then to sell them this illusion in the best way . What would it be the best way of doing it?

Selling your story ( fictional and  twisted, real and sincere ) your personal story, the story of your products and services  will do the work. Then my friend you are saved.
Because people expect it from you, they want it and if you disappoint them once you can get away , but if you disappoint them every day?

Then the DESIRE will become into DO NOT NEED.

And then you , your services and your products will vanish.

At this moment, you my friend will be free from all the problems and requests that you have  had.

For the first time, you will be and not becoming.

Then if you  still do not like it , and you still want to be useful to people, with your services and products , at least sell yourself expensive.